Wilmington Website Design

Don Bullard Insurance has been a client of Impact Media’s for the past 15 years and in that time we have built several versions of his website. We work very closely with Don & his team to ensure that they are not only getting the most comprehensive collective of web based tools for his business, but that they are also ranking the highest on search engines for their respective keywords & terms that their demographic is searching for on the internet.

Don & his team work hard to deliver not on great customer service, but also  incredible value with the products that they sell to their clients. In this latest website design we offer 2 versions of their website, a daytime version and a nighttime version that makes it easier to read depending on the lighting and time of day that you are using their website  (There is a manual switch at the top of their website). We also incorporated some of our Drone work in his home page banner of downtown that we hope you will enjoy.

Please visit their new website design and let us know your thoughts.