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January 10, 2011

Impact Media Solutions was approached by Southern Exposure Sunrooms because they were looking for ROI on their website. Southern Exposure had spent a lot of money on development of their new web design and rebranding and were not getting a return on their investment. They were spending money on Adwords and Organic SEO and their leads and dropped off considerably along with their ranking in the Search Engines. Impact Media was able to restore Southern Exposure Sunrooms to their #1 ranking that they had before within a matter of a month for all key terms and the conversions on their website started to happen again. We have been very happy with how the site has performed and so has Southern Exposure Sunrooms, they continue to get good quality leads, and we were able to cut their overall budget down by 35% from what they were spending previously. See what Impact Media Solutions can do for your Internet Marketing, ask for a no obligation evaluation of your site today.

Internet Marketing and SEO Wilmington NC
Internet Marketing and SEO Wilmington NC

Visit http://www.southernexposuresunrooms.com

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