If you have worked with Impact Media Solutions over the last couple of years, you know that we have been preparing our clients for mobile optimization for multiple reasons that benefit their business.

The first and most important is that we see search engine and website traffic analytics every day and have a front row seat to watch the mobile dominance trend: now more than 50% of internet traffic is happening from a mobile device or tablet.

This is not a trend to be taken lightly.  Usability is one of the key ingredients to any good website design, and if your website does not optimize for mobile devices it is scoring low in the usability rankings.

The second important reason is that GOOGLE has been giving favor in the rankings to sites with responsive web design, and they are about to tip the scales even further in that direction. This month GOOGLE will release a new algorithm update that will weigh even heavier on websites being designed for mobile devices. This change will occur on April 21st and we expect big shifts in the search engine rankings based on mobile responsiveness. Mobile responsive websites will enjoy a nice bump upwards, while unresponsive sites will suffer a slide down in search engine ranking.

There are many ways to accomplish mobile responsive web design, and while most client’s needs are similar, none are exactly the same, so there is no “One Size Fits All” when it comes to responsive web design. We recommend having your business and website evaluated to determine the best sustainable solution for your enterprise.

Is your site ready for April 21st? Let us help. Contact us and be prepared.