SEO, Search Engine Optimization

Of all of the Search Engines out there, there are 3 that remain ahead of the others by a long shot, they are Google, Yahoo & BING. So when I decide to optimize for a client there are several factors taken into place. Each one of these Search Engines operates on its own algorithm for rewarding ranking to your website, and with that being said I would like to show you the market share of these 3 titans of search. Google maintains the majority with over 67% market share of all online searches, while Bing is in a distant second place at 18%, and then in third place is Yahoo with just over 12%. The numbers drop dramatically after that, as the other 100s of search engines fight over the remaining 13% of market share in America.

This leads me to my point, when I am performing Search Engine Optimization or SEO, I also weight my efforts based on market share. I never forget about one of these Search Engines, as they are all important, but my main focus is on keeping up with the Google Algorithm and ensuring that I have a met their requirements for good ranking. Now of course there are some assumptions made, because Google does not go around broadcasting their secret sauce, but these assumptions are based off of data that I compile on a daily basis. For instance in 2013 Google had 4 major shifts, and close to 180 small changes made to its algorithm on how it ranks websites. Typically they do this, because folks figure out their algorithm and start manipulating sites to rank higher that really are not applicable, and that in fact decreases Google’s worth to the consumer or user.

I wanted to write this post, because this explanation is one I provide quite often to my clients, or prospects that want to know about my methodology on Search Engine Optimization or SEO and I want to be sure that all of our clients know that my SEO is ethical, and can never jeopardize their ranking or get them banned from Google, Yahoo or BING.