Havana’s Restaurant has been one of Impact Media’s clients since February of 2011 and that is when they came to us to Re-Design their Website and assist them with their Internet Marketing in Carolina Beach and the Wilmington, NC area. This post is an update on our efforts and the status of their site since we took over management. Havana’s traffic to their website has quadrupled from approximately 700 unique visitors/month to over 3000 unique visitors/month. Their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google, Yahoo & Bing has advanced where they are in the top 3 results for any of the key terms they had requested and they continue to grow more every day. In fact, today is the grand opening of their new location near Wrightsville Beach on Wrightsville Avenue. They are experiencing good steady growth from many areas, and we like to think we have helped with that some, but we will not take all the credit Pete Donat knows how to run a restaurant, it is in his blood. He has done it just about all of his life and worked at some of the finer restaurants in town, so it is only natural that he would be successful with his venture. We definitely recommend going by and trying some of his menu, we do not think you will be disappointed. See below for some of the stats from Google that show steady growth of visitors and overall internet presence.

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