Impact Media launches a new website for Aubriana’s Bistro in Downtown Wilmington, NC. It was very hard to stay focused on the work at hand with all of the images coming across of great food and then there was the wine, but we persevered and were able to get this site up and going for these great folks. They have some wonderful looking food and boy is it tasty! I personally had to go and sample some of the local flavor and it the Chef really knows what he is doing! Aside from my ramblings, when Aubriana’s first approached us they wanted a site that would be editable for their constant menu changes, so we provided them with a CMS (Content Management System), so they could make the edits themselves. They also wanted their site to be mobile friendly, their other site was in Flash, which would not even show up. So we built the site to render on mobile devices. Then there next concern was showing up on Search Engines and that is the next thing we are going to tackle for them, we will be pushing their site to the top of the Search Engines through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This will allow their site to show up with a high ranking for a selected group of keywords, therefore providing them with more exposure on the web. We will help them grow their web presence one day at a time! Let us know what you think of their site!

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