At Impact Media Solutions we not only design and build web sites, but we also help you grow your web presence and ensure that the website is capturing and converting your visitors to leads. We do this by monitoring the statistics of your website on a continual basis and working with you to get your site not only to the top of the Search Engines via SEO, but once it is there that people stay on the site and use it. Please see below at the graph and daily statistics of a client’s website that we recently helped tremendously. We were already performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the site and had gotten the site to #1 for most if not all of their desired key terms, but their Bounce Rate was very high. Bounce Rate as defined by Google is “the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance or landing page.” To break that down further, it means that if someone clicks on your site from the Search Engine, they immediately hit the back button because they did not like what they saw or you were not what they were looking for in their search.

If you look below you will see after working with us and our developed plan we were able to significantly reduce their Bounce Rate by over 80%, while maintaining about the same amount of visits to the site, which in the case of this site is about 20,000 unique visits/month, therefore the chance for conversion is greatly increased. If you would like Impact Media to develop a plan to help you with your site please contact us and we will be happy to formulate a proven method of results for you.

Bounce Rate - Web Design Improved

Bounce Rate Graph

Daily Bounce Rate Stats - Web Design

Daily Bounce Rate Stat Improvements