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April 16, 2011

Email Marketing has grown in popularity over the past 5 years and if done properly can yield great results, if done incorrectly it can really give you and your company a black-eye. We have seen some great campaigns and some not so great campaigns over the years and even been a part in making a lot those great campaigns happen. Impact Media offers fresh Email Marketing ideas, from concept of content, to designing a template to reflect your brand and compliment your Web Design or Internet Marketing efforts. We work with the leaders in the industry to stay on the cutting edge of the best way to implement a successful campaign and make it work best for your company. From a Email Newsletter to Email Event Announcements and even Email Drip Marketing to stay in contact with your clients on passive basis we have a solution that will compliment your style of marketing. Look below to see one of our Email Template Designs, this particular one is for a Video Email, which is still a pretty new type of Email Marketing, so it is something you will want to see for yourself if it is a fit for you.

Email Marketing Template
Email Marketing Template Concept
Email Marketing Template
Email Marketing Template
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