New Photographer Web Design in Wilmington, NC for Connor Barth!

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best Photographers in Wilmington, possibly even the world and we always enjoy working with other creatives, because you usually end up with an amazing end result. Well, Connor Barth’s new photography website is no different. Connor’s style is unique and gives us a fresh perspective on the area we live in from his up close photos (In the Wave) to his drone photos, they are all pretty amazing and we feel very blessed to be working with him and helping him get started on his next career as a photographer. In fact, we also provided Connor with Logo Design for his new career that he will be using as his signature on all of his work.

Some of you may know of the name Connor Barth if you happen to be a fan of the NFL. He was most recently a kicker for the Miami Dolphins, but he does not let that go to his head, and remains humble and very approachable, he is a Wilmington native that lives just over the bridge @ Wrightsville Beach.

Let us know what you think of his new Photographer Web Design!